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Nathalie Clark
My Approach
Counselling normally happens at the same time each week. Your conversation with me is confidential, and you can therefore speak freely about your thoughts and emotions.

Each of us tells a story about our lives. At times that story can diverge from the path we would like to follow. By sharing your narrative, counselling will help you to move to a place of greater understanding around your story and with the direction you choose to take.
My approach to counselling has two paths:

• Where appropriate, we focus on the themes and patterns in your story which have been with you for some time, possibly reaching back to your childhood. We explore those in depth, identifying ways in which they are affecting you in the present.

• The second strand is about the future you are working towards. Sometimes, a series of smaller changes may be all that is need to make a big difference to your life. At others, you may be considering more far-reaching decisions. Counselling will help you to look at the implications of a change of course, so that you can make the best choice.

I am available week days including Saturday and evenings up to 7pm.

Listening in confidence and without judgement.


Counselling and Psychotherapy for Kingsbridge, Plymouth, South Hams, South Devon and Cornwall.
Qualified Counsellor/ Psychotherapist and Registered Member of the BACP.


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